About #BlogSyncRE

November 2015 Topics:

  • Islam: What do students need to know?
  • Islam: How can we best teach it?
  • The EBacc and RE: A Troubled Relationship?
  • RE in 2020: What should it look like? How will we get there?
Archived topics… still feel free to use for inspiration:
  • How can diversity and exclusivity be improved in RE?
  • Is the knowledge versus skills debate different in RE? [June 2015]
  • What is religious literacy and how can it be improved in RE classrooms? [June 2015]
  • How can technology be used in the RE classroom?
  • What does the inclusion of British Values in the curriculum mean for RE? [July 2015]
  • The unique challenges of being an RE teacher [July 2015]
  • What is the most meaningful and useful RE homework?
  • My Favourite RE Resources
  • The aims and purposes of RE in light of current reforms
  • Should RE teachers tell students about their own beliefs including faith if they have one?
  • RS not a humanity according to EBAC. How does this impact the uptake and profile of the subject?
  • New school year – new you: what are our goals, visions and hopes for the coming academic year?
  • How to teach scripture and tradition in a vibrant and engaging way
  • How can we improve subject knowledge in RE? (#REChatUK topic)
  • How should RS be taught? Phenomenology vs Critical Realism.
  • Breadth vs depth in RE: what should students understand?
  • Which new GCSE spec will you pick and why?
  • How do we best teach about religions that students do not encounter? 
  • “You don’t look like an RE teacher” – What should an RE teacher look like?
  • RE: A leading light in learning
  • Assessment in RE
  • How do we best teach children’s about religions they do not encounter?
  • #EnergisingRE – What are your reflections and takeaways?
Future blog topics will also be linked to #REChatUK: 
The old BlogSyncRE website is here

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