April 2016: #LREH16

After a break on the #BlogSyncRE, there are a number of blogs being written after The 2nd London RE Hub Conference.

There are some prizes from Ipevo for the best #LREH16 blogs… (see more info <here>):

Avoiding Heresy – On Saturday I attended the London RE hub conference. It really was a wonderful day and it was wonderful to catch up with fellow passionate teachers of Religious Studies. However the day was also challenging  as we were encouraged to develop our teaching of  Christianity, Judaism and Islam….

Only connect. Reflections on London RE Hub conference 2016 – Way back in the last century, my own RS teacher encouraged us constantly to make connections during our A levels. She explained: you need to realise the whole of your intellectual life is about grasping that each piece of knowledge and understanding is like a hook, and you need to make the connections, within and without your subjects. It’s a piece of advice that I’ve remembered and I try to live by. I’m working on a whole school cross curricular project as I write. It’s exciting. Watch this space…

Teachers Love Learning Too – It’s clear by the way teachers sign themselves up for evening TeachMeets, weekend debates, Pedagoo events, ResearchEd, T&L Takeovers and Education Festivals that many of us care deeply about our jobs and are always keen to improve. I ran a Twitter poll that 120 teachers responded to: 43% had given up 1-3 Saturdays for CPD, 13% had given up 4-6 and 5% over 7. It does weigh heavily upon me that I have organised, and presented at events on so many Saturdays this year – should teachers really be doing this after a long working week? Shouldn’t they be with their family and friends?

Unit in Diversity – What happened when a Jew, a Catholic and a Humanist walked into a mosque? A delicious curry for lunch, certainly, but more importantly, a huge helping of learning, and an even bigger serving of love. That was certainly the experience of well over 100 delegates who attended the second London RE Hub conference, held at East London Mosque, on Saturday 16th April. For those who didn’t go or are unaware of what it’s about, LREH is a support network of RE teachers in and around London enabling them to link with members of faith and non-religious communities “to raise standards of teaching about the key concepts of religions and non-religious worldviews.”

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