A case for verbs over nouns

Michael Storer

After engaging with various brilliant members of the online RE community, I’ve felt encouraged to contribute my thoughts to moving beyond the ongoing RE vs. Worldviews discussion. This blog will outline my initial thoughts and how, perhaps, we should be focussing on our verbs (our ways of doing) over our subject’s noun.


As a Teacher of Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics (GCSE and AS) in a faith-majority post-16 setting (although the college itself is non-denominational), undoubtedly I am bringing my own biases towards this discussion. In the spirit of methodological agnosticism, I will try my best to separate them but, in the end, my ideas will inevitably be shaped by this. As we all will be.

Aims of RE / Worldviews / etc.

Considering the nature of RE/RS/PRE/Worldviews, I draw back to the aims of these discussions and the aim of our course offerings writ large. Is our (‘our’…

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