Teaching Islam by @cillachinchilla

Starter for Five

Name: Gem Turner-Lindley
Twitter: @cillachinchilla
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: RE/Philosophy/Ethics
Position: HoD/Teaching and Learning Team
5 Bits of Advice About:  Teaching Islam

  1. Be sensitive when planning. Tasks and activities will need to take into account things such as, not depicting the prophet (pbuh) etc.
  2. Be prepared to defend it. You’ll get some students (and maybe parents) who will question it. Your need to defend the inclusion of all faiths in RS and challenge Islamaphobia.
  3. If a student is Muslim it doesn’t mean that they know a lot about Islam, or that what they know is theologically sound. Cultural is often confused with religion.
  4. Have a go-to person for any queries. An Imam/community member etc. Ruqayyah Maqsood is always happy to answer queries through her website – http://www.ruqaiyyah.karoo.net/
  5. Be a life-long learner. Have fun broadening your own knowledge whilst educating others! Victor Watton’s ‘Student Approach to Islam’ textbook is a great…

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