THINK PIECE Epistemic change and RE: how we got here and where we’re going – Dr James Robson

he recent publication from Linda Woodhead and Charles Clarke, A New Settlement: Religion and Belief in Schools (, has sparked of a great deal of debate in the RE world – at least among online RE professionals where it has inspired numerous blogs and social media discussions. However, although clearly important, it is arguable that this report is simply part of a much wider movement for change in RE. It seems to me that the report is rooted in a very specific context, linked with a wide variety of educational, political and social factors, where an increasing number of people involved in RE are crying out for legal and structural change for their subject. I very much doubt this report could have been written ten or even five years ago and, if it had been, I suspect the RE world would not have engaged with it in the critically open way that it’s doing. 


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