Are our schools Catholic Centric or Catholic Friendly?


I heard the terms ‘Maori friendly’ and ‘Maori centric’ the other day in discussion around policy in education around Maori students.  There is a concern that the integration of Maori education into the State system (Maori friendly) have left Maori students disadvantaged and may be if it was a separate system, ie the Kura Kaupapa system (Maori centric) then there would be better results for Maori students.  From this led a thought about whether our Catholic Schools in New Zealand are ‘Catholic friendly’ or ‘Catholic centric’.

How has integration impacted on Catholic Schooling?

We have about 300+ Catholic integrated school in New Zealand and it is my understanding that the Auckland Diocese is planning to build four more.  The buildings are maintained by the Diocese while the Government funds the resourcing such as teachers.  As part of the integration there came the catch of up to 5% ‘non-preference’, in other…

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